EduFin by Shinhan offers a tuition installment payment solution through credit cards with 0% interest. This aims to assist students enrolled in the PSO MBA program in financing their education.
EduFin – Shinhan’s installment payment program is designed to enhance both financial and academic advantages for students.

0% Interest Installment Plan

No fee for card opening, annual fees

No financial proofing

Installment rate & Payment term

Students enrolled in the EduFin – Shinhan program have the option to settle their tuition fees through installments using a Shinhan Bank credit card. The credit card allows for a maximum card limit equal to one year’s tuition fee, with a monthly payment term.

Integrated training with total tuition fee

Full capacity development with
installment plan
36 months 

Convenient & easy monthly instalments:

Benefits of using instalments to study MBA

  • Monthly payments will be in equal installments up to 36 months with zero interest charges.
  • Removing financial barriers.
  • Supporting students in cash flow effectively management.
  • Creating a foundation for personal financial management thinking.
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Why EduFin - Shinhan?

Application Process

  • Submit registration documents at EduFin.
  • The bank contacts the customer to verify information.
  • The bank informs the customer of the result.
  • Customers receive the card and make tuition payments at EduFin.
  • Customers pay credit card installments to the bank (monthly).

Documents Required

  • Offer Letter and Confirmation of enrolment.
  • EduFin – Shinhan program registration form (per template).
  • Shinhan consumer credit card application form and agreement (per template).
  • Personal identification documents (ID card, proof of residency, employment contract).
  • Documentation proving family relationship (if parents register for their child).


What is EduFin - Shinhan Learning Installment?

EduFin – Shinhan installment plan is an interest-free credit card installment solution offered by EduFin in partnership with Shinhan Bank.

It allows the division of tuition fees into monthly payments, enabling parents/students to pay on a monthly basis (instead of paying the entire tuition fee before each semester/course), without any additional fees or interest incurred from this installment payment method.

EduFin – Shinhan installment plan is available for students enrolled in the PSO MBA program – Postgraduate Education of International Universities affiliated with ISB.

This solution is designed for stages of education in Vietnam. For programs involving stages of education abroad, our team will provide tailored advice and design installment payment programs that suit the various financial conditions of the students.

  • Impact on the credit history of the student/parent – at the bank and on the Credit Information Center (CIC) records.
  • Accrual of interest/penalties corresponding to the delayed payment period.
  • The bank reserves the right to terminate the installment plan prematurely and request the student/parent to settle the entire remaining card balance.
The installment payment through the credit card can be terminated ahead of schedule in the following cases:
  • When the student takes a leave of absence from the program.
  • When the student withdraws from the school.
  • When the student/parent pays off the entire card balance.
There are no penalties incurred from terminating this installment plan.
Procedures to follow:
  • Notify EduFin at least 30 days prior to taking a leave of absence/withdrawing. Settle any remaining tuition fees (if applicable).
  • For semesters not attended but fees paid: EduFin will reimburse the student/parent to their bank account/credit card number held at the bank.
  • During this process, the student/parent should ensure timely payments to the bank (if applicable) to avoid affecting their credit history at the bank and on the CIC.
The installment payment process is conducted through Shinhan Bank credit cards. Specifically:
Every month, the bank will notify (via SMS/email) students/parents of:
  • Card balance
  • Monthly payment amount
  • Deadline for payment
If students/parents pay from their savings account held at the bank and have registered for balance change SMS service, the bank will send an SMS when the savings account balance changes.
Students/parents can track the installment payment process using 2 tools:
  • Bank’s app (must register and install to receive a username and password)
  • Bank’s hotline.

No deposit, no collateral required.

Enjoy special privileges from Shinhan Bank:

  • Free opening of payment deposit account.
  • Additional credit limit of 10 million VND for spending (beyond the paid tuition account).
  • Other benefits corresponding to the card type and varying by period.

A history of timely card payments is the basis for the bank to reconsider/extend credit limits with additional benefits for potential customers.

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