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2 years


The prospective leaders will be equipped with rounded skill set and able to solve the complicated problems to lead the organization quickly adapt to the changes in the business.

Students of PSO MBA Global Program discuss together


  • 02 years
  • 02 stages
  • 10 subjects
  • 01 Business Project


Dr. Howard Nicholas

Dr. Howard Nicholas

Ph.D in Economics; Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Development Economics – International Institute of Social Studies (ISS)

Assoc. Prof Liem Ngo

Assoc. Prof Liem Ngo

Ph.D. in Marketing – University of Newcastle, Australia; Manager of the Marketing Research Unit – University of New South Wales, Australia

Prof. Lam Nguyen

Prof. Lam Nguyen

Dean of Economics Department; Director of International Business Institute – Zeigler College of Business, Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania

Mr. Michael Saram

Mr. Michael Saram

Master of Business Administration – National University of Singapore; Director at WinSolutions; Instructor at ISB


PSO MBA Global with 2-year of teaching is an integration of business knowledge, strategic management, leadership skills and innovative thinking to enhance comprehension skills and capabilities in business management.

Stage 1


Equip with 04 fundamental aspects of modern management Skills and Experience in business management

  • Management Information System
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Contemporary People Management
  • Financial Reports for Decision Making

Strategic Management Skills

Developing strategic thinking in corporate governance

  • Economics for Business
  • Integrated Business Experience

Stage 2

Innovation in Business and Technology*

Equip with technology foundation in business. Master digital transformation

  • Innovation for New Markets
  • Innovation, Creativity and Foresight
  • Innovation through Digital Technology
  • Leading Contemporary Organisation
  • Business Analytics in Practice
  • Project Management

*4 out of 6 courses will be selected by Western Sydney University

Problem Solving in Organizations

Apply innovative solutions to solve real-world problems in an organization

  • PSO MBA Business Project


Students should at least spend 20 hours/week throughout the program to fully absorbing and gaining the vast, updated knowledge in both academic and practical areas.


Flexible Training

Studying through various flexible forms, while also participating in seminars with experienced experts in different fields.

Canvas System

User-friendly e-learning platform which allow students to receive assignments, practice and submit online.