Shark Linh Thai: “MBA opens a new journey for me”

Graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business (USA), Shark Thai Van Linh shares, “The MBA program is both an opportunity to reinforce knowledge, enhance capabilities, and expand networks, setting the stage for future success.

Known for her role as a professional investor, gaining fame from the reality show “Shark Tank – The Million Dollar Deal,” entrepreneur Thai Van Linh is also an inspirational figure in entrepreneurship, business, and an optimistic lifestyle that resonates within the community. At the online seminar “MBA For Success,” Shark Linh shared insights about her academic journey and the skills needed for personal development.

Shark Thai Van Linh: “MBA is an opportunity to switch industries”

Before becoming a well-known female entrepreneur, Shark Thai Van Linh stood out for her outstanding academic achievements. She graduated with honors from the University of Southern California and then acquired an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, a top 3 prestigious institution in the United States for finance.

Speaking about her educational journey in the West, the female entrepreneur mentioned that after graduating from university, she knew nothing about MBAs and solely focused on her job. The turning point occurred many years ago when the internet began to develop, providing Linh with the opportunity to learn about the MBA program.

Interested in the financial sector, she didn’t know where to begin due to her accumulated experience primarily in the field of marketing. “I once asked myself what I would do in the next 50 years in my career. These questions drove me to explore more academically and learn about the MBA,” shared Shark Linh.

Bringing her concerns to her superior, the female entrepreneur received advice to develop a holistic view of business, considering and assessing issues from multiple perspectives. This was the motivation that led her to pursue the MBA program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

To embark on the MBA journey, Shark Thai Van Linh had to prepare three things: the entrance exam, an essay, and a recommendation letter from a superior. The most crucial part was the essay, as it was a platform for candidates to demonstrate their abilities and stand out from other applicants.

Shark Thái Vân Linh
Shark Thai Van Linh advises young individuals to thoroughly prepare before pursuing an MBA.
According to Linh, MBA candidates typically take about 3-5 years to prepare the essay’s storyline. To succeed, they need meticulous preparation from several years prior, including the roles they’ve held, their contributions to the community and family, as well as personal improvements. “The decision to pursue an MBA requires long-term preparation for young people, not just an impulsive registration and attendance,” emphasized Linh.
Besides the acquired knowledge, the MBA provided Linh with opportunities to meet people from diverse backgrounds and learn from them. This platform also enabled Shark Thai Van Linh to change perspectives, something her superior had previously described.
Similar to PNJ CEO Le Tri Thong calling himself an “MBA outsider who achieved enlightenment,” Shark Linh also evaluates the MBA as a solid foundation for switching industries and pursuing genuine passions. “Looking back now, for me, the MBA is like an eraser pen, meaning I used the MBA to switch industries. After working in Marketing for 5 years, I pursued an MBA for two years, and when I graduated, people referred to me as someone in the finance field,” affirmed the entrepreneur Thai Van Linh.

“The Networking Circle” from an MBA

Entrepreneur Thai Van Linh believes that beyond the age of 35, she values the “networking circle” significantly. “The networking circle is an intangible asset, including people we can assist and those who can help our careers. The MBA helps us seek out such relationships,” Linh stated.
Consequently, lecturers, and fellow students, among others, constitute members of each other’s “networking circles.” When Linh began her MBA journey, she observed that MBA courses always aimed to have students from diverse backgrounds.
The MBA has indeed fostered valuable “networking circles” for Shark Thai Van Linh’s career.
It’s evident that those from various professions and fields attending MBA classes create a diverse environment rich in knowledge, different thinking approaches, and problem-solving skills, allowing everyone to learn and gain insights. Additionally, the relationships built during an MBA promise significant value in the future.
For every entrepreneur, social connections play a pivotal role in achieving success. Similar to Shark Linh, when reaching a certain level of success, she embarked on a new “connection journey,” focusing on contributing to the community and expanding her network to spread positive values.
Shark Thai Van Linh holds a deep appreciation for the saying: “It takes 10 years to become an overnight success.” To achieve success, there’s a need for long-term preparation, where the MBA serves as an academic stepping stone, opening doors for individuals to prepare for future success.
As for information on MBA admissions in HCM, please check on the institution’s website for specific details regarding admission procedures, requirements, and deadlines.
The information in the article was shared by guest speaker – entrepreneur Thái Vân Linh at the “MBA For Success” event with the theme: “Discussion with ThS. Thái Vân Linh and ThS. Đoàn Đức Minh.” MBA For Success is an online seminar series organized by ISB to connect with high-level leaders and provide valuable perspectives and knowledge for MBA students and interested audiences in general.

Reference: ISB