International MBA in Vietnam: Tuition Costs & Enrollment Criteria

Currently, international collaborative MBA programs in Vietnam are increasingly being considered due to their outstanding advantages in terms of MBA study costs, quality, degree value, etc., compared to other MBA programs.

International MBA programs not only possess advantages in terms of degree equivalence but also provide opportunities for students to grasp international study programs and engage with educational environments from leading universities worldwide.

MBA Tuition Fees in International Collaborative Programs

The MBA tuition fees are carefully considered when students select their study programs.

MBA programs at Vietnamese universities range from 50 to 70 million VND per course. These costs increase to over 100 million VND for international programs in Vietnam and from 450 to 600 million VND (depending on the country), excluding living expenses for overseas MBA courses (study abroad).

Meanwhile, by enrolling in an international collaborative MBA program in Vietnam, the tuition fees start from 150 to 400 million VND. Many international master’s programs currently offer installment plans for tuition fees, even with 0% interest, reducing the financial burden and eliminating the need for significant upfront budget accumulation.

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Understanding the MBA Study Formats

Presently, there are three common MBA study formats: Domestic MBA, International MBA, and International Collaborative MBA.

Domestic MBA programs are taught by local universities. The advantage of this format is reasonable costs and flexible study in Vietnam. However, the degree is only nationally recognized, and the quality of teaching and study materials might have certain limitations.

If one has the financial means and time, studying for an international MBA abroad is the primary choice. Students will experience direct study with leading lecturers and an international educational environment; however, the costs for completing the program are substantial.

Apart from these formats, the International MBA is also attracting significant attention. This program is a collaborative effort between domestic universities and international universities, offering prominent advantages over other programs.

MBA liên kết quốc tế
The international MBA program is a Master’s in Business Administration program collaborated between domestic universities.

Understanding the Benefits of International Collaborative MBA Programs

International programs studied in Vietnam

Most MBA students in Vietnam are full-time workers, making it challenging to pursue a program directly overseas. International MBA programs become an optimal choice, enabling students to study in Vietnam while enjoying an entirely international curriculum and teaching quality similar to studying abroad.

Internationally recognized degrees from major universities

The significant advantage of an international MBA program lies in the degree’s value. Upon completion, students receive an MBA degree from the collaborating university, globally recognized. This means you can seek job opportunities in an international environment, competing favorably with international candidates, depending on the ranking and quality of the collaborating university.


One apparent feature of an international MBA program is its significantly lower study costs compared to studying abroad. When considering living expenses in advanced countries, travel costs between Vietnam and other countries, and pre-MBA costs such as language preparation and research investments, the overall cost for an overseas MBA degree is substantial.

Flexible study time for working individuals

With the advantage of studying in Vietnam, students can avoid time zone differences compared to fully remote online programs. Moreover, most MBA programs in Vietnam offer evening or weekend study schedules, suitable for full-time workers. Therefore, you can commit to studying without compromising your job.

Conditions for studying an International MBA in Vietnam

To enroll in an international MBA program in Vietnam, students need to meet the following conditions:

  • A bachelor’s degree in economics or related fields (additional foundational knowledge might be required before starting the main program).
  • Language proficiency: As the international collaborative MBA program is taught in English, meeting the language requirement ensures effective participation. Students may take entrance exams organized by the university or international certification exams.
  • Work experience: A general MBA program usually requires 1 to 2 years of experience. Some specialized MBA programs demand a minimum of 3 years of experience. However, some universities do not have strict experience requirements.
The international MBA program in Vietnam is much more cost-effective than studying abroad.


Thus, having a globally recognized degree at reasonable costs is entirely within reach for young individuals. Depending on financial conditions, time availability, and goals, one can choose a suitable MBA program to achieve career development and advancement.