Học viên PSO MBA - Trần Huy Cường
Case study

Mr. Cuong Tran

Area Sales Manager, PNJ Group

Please introduce yourself and tell us about a typical workday for you.

I’m Cuong Tran, a Regional Sales Manager at PNJ. With over 10 years of experience in the sales field, everything I do daily aims to contribute to the company’s sales figures.

How has the MBA program changed you?

After 10 years working in retail, I needed a new milestone to build the next plan for my future. Hence, completing the MBA program at Western Sydney University would be the foundation for my five-year plan or possibly my future career.

What was the most remarkable aspect that made a difference for you in joining the program?

All the lecturers have practical experience, and they are experts in their respective fields. Therefore, I believe all the knowledge and experience they share with us are practical, which is very useful for us to apply in our work. We feel grateful for the opportunity to participate in the program and hear experiences from these experts.

What do you like most about the program?

MBA Talk, MBA Talk, and MBA Talk. Since I heard the visions from the experts, they’ve inspired me, and finally, I think this is the right time for me to join the MBA program at Western Sydney University.

Do you have any advice for students preparing to enroll in an MBA?

I believe the MBA program at Western Sydney University is a useful and challenging program because it offers a lot of knowledge and practical experience from experts. Therefore, you need to know how to balance your time to catch up with everything.