Mr. Nguyễn Minh Kiên
Case study

Mr. Kien Nguyen

Senior QS and Value Engineering, Sunny World Investment & Development Corp.

Please introduce yourself and tell us about a typical workday for you.

Hello! I’m Kien Nguyen, a Cost Engineer at Sunny World Group. As an engineer, I used to solely focus on my field without any knowledge of other areas.

Due to my passion for the Construction industry, I mostly worked within my professional sphere. However, my current job involves the financial sector, which poses many challenges for me.

How has the MBA program changed you?

Firstly, I believe the most crucial aspect I’ve learned from the program is the practical experiences shared by the professors. They impart a lot of practical knowledge and real-life scenarios to us.
Secondly, I’ve acquired skills in surveying, report writing, and planning. These skills help us present what we’ve learned, what has been taught, and then present it before the class or our teams. Lastly, I’ve honed my report-writing skills, submitting reports to management.

What was the most significant aspect that made a difference for you in joining the program?

I think my memorable moment was related to the Human Resource Management course taught by Mr. Phong Nguyen. He often presented many case studies, even his or students’ cases, for us to solve. What I learned from Mr. Phong were the intricate details of human resource management.
As you may know, coming from an engineering background, I was solely focused on my work without any knowledge of other areas. For instance, understanding CSR, recruitment strategies, setting KPIs, or even managing a small team. That’s what I learned from him.

Do you have any advice for students preparing to enroll in an MBA?

The MBA journey is like conquering a ‘mountain.’ However, upon completing the course, undoubtedly, my knowledge and skills will have been greatly improved.