Anh Đỗ Tiến Lượng
Case study

Mr. Luong Do

Sales Team Manager, Standard Chartered Vietnam

Please introduce yourself and tell us about a typical workday for you.

Hello, I’m Luong Do. Currently, I work at Standard Chartered Bank Vietnam as a Sales Team Manager, specializing in personal loans and credit cards.

How has the MBA program changed you?

As a manager, I have a keen interest in Human Resources. Specifically, I appreciate the insights shared by Ms. Xuan and Mr. Phong. The knowledge and stories from these educators have been directly applicable to my team. As a result, my team achieved better-than-expected performance this past year!

What was the most significant aspect that made a difference for you in joining the program?

As we climb higher, we need a broader knowledge base. With aspirations to further advance in the future, I decided to pursue an MBA program at Western Sydney University.

The reason I chose to pursue an MBA at Western Sydney University is because, alongside academic knowledge, they offer practical courses delivered by market experts. These courses provide practical, up-to-date, and supplementary knowledge to the theoretical aspect.

What did you enjoy most about the program?

During my recent MBA studies at Western Sydney University, I found the Human Resources and Information Management System courses extremely beneficial for my work.
Particularly, the Information Management System course. Given that all banks are currently undergoing digital transformations, the knowledge from this course has facilitated quicker and more effective information exchange across different departments.

Do you have any advice for students preparing to enroll in an MBA?

Firstly, set clear goals. When determined to pursue an MBA, take action immediately because over time, other thoughts may distract you from your goal.
Additionally, have a plan and financial resources prepared for your journey. Undoubtedly, the MBA pursuit will be challenging as it requires sacrificing personal time, but the “sweet fruit” at the end will be worth it!”