Chị Lê Thị Đan Thi
Case study

Ms. Thi Le

Assistant Manager, Investment & Portfolio Management, CapitaLand Development (Vietnam)

Please introduce yourself and tell us about a typical workday for you.

I am Le Thi Dan Thi, Assistant Director – Investment & Portfolio Management at CapitaLand Development in Vietnam. My job involves assessing the success level of projects and making appropriate decisions.

How has the MBA program changed you?

Through the MBA program at Western Sydney University, I acquired numerous skills and knowledge. Particularly, I had the opportunity to alter my strategic thinking. I gained the ability to grasp the overall economic landscape, monitor market fluctuations, and make relevant assessments for each phase.

What was the most significant aspect that made a difference for you in joining the program?

Listening to the real-life experiences within the industry from experts and fellow students broadened my perspective significantly. Being part of a diverse team with classmates from various fields such as supply chain, customer service, and agency, provided me with abundant insights and continuous updates on market dynamics.

What did you enjoy most about the program?

The MBA acted as a framework enabling me to understand how an entire business operates and the interdependencies between departments. It was through the MBA that I understood the importance of defining a company’s strategy and how a company identifies an appropriate strategy.

Do you have any advice for students preparing to enroll in an MBA?

The MBA framework is not only applicable in the current company but will also serve as a guiding light when developing a business venture in the future. It helps individuals progress step by step.