Four Truths About an MBA

Alongside the values of career advancement, an MBA course also helps students recognize many profound values.

Specifically, Robbie Laing, an MBA student at the London Business School, highlighted four invaluable truths he discovered while participating in the MBA program. Let’s explore them with PSO MBA in the article below!

Giá trị chương trình PSO MBA
The PSO MBA course, aside from its knowledge value, also offers profound value for its students.

The MBA course proves that people are the most important factor.

The MBA course helps many students realize that people are the core factor in any project. Even if it’s a job with a theme or goal that you immensely love, if you have to work alongside uninteresting people, you’ll quickly lose interest and confidence. Conversely, a project that you’re not particularly fond of can become extremely engaging if you collaborate with the right individuals.

Technical skills are easy to learn, but soft skills require extensive practice.

The MBA course provides students with a wide range of complex technical knowledge that can significantly contribute to their career paths. However, learning these technical skills isn’t overly complex; MBA students can participate in courses and acquire knowledge through online or offline means.

The challenge lies in soft skills. These skills demand more practice and continuous honing. Robbie Laing shared that he dedicated a significant portion of his focus in the MBA course to learning how to develop leadership skills.

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Impostor syndrome is common among many MBA students

Impostor syndrome is a psychological term referring to a behavioral pattern where individuals doubt themselves, suspecting their achievements and harboring a lingering fear of being exposed as frauds.

This is a prevalent psychological state among some MBA students. Sometimes they feel haunted and pressured by what other students have achieved. Occasionally, MBA students question themselves, “Do I measure up to them?” However, it’s crucial to remember that even a small success in your life – such as being eligible to attend an MBA course – is enough evidence that you possess the qualities to succeed in that field. So, believe in yourself and bravely test your capabilities.

PSO MBA nhiều học viên thường mắc hội chứng kẻ mạo danh
Impostor syndrome is a common psychological state among many MBA students.

Your peers are the best study resources in the MBA course

The MBA course will provide you with extensive knowledge across various business-related fields. The curriculum is designed to help students explore nearly every business-related aspect. However, the best study materials come from your fellow students – individuals who have garnered practical knowledge and experience in various business domains. Practical knowledge from peers in the MBA course is a treasure trove that can immensely benefit your future career.

Indeed, many MBA courses in Vietnam emphasize providing students with excellent networking experiences. A prime example is the PSO MBA Business Master’s Program organized by the ISB and Western Sydney University (Australia). The PSO MBA community comprises students from diverse fields such as communications, advertising, engineering, technology, auditing, taxes, and more, creating a diverse classroom with various perspectives. Students work in groups to interact within specific projects, taking on multiple roles to make decisions for those group assignments.

PSO MBA students also have the opportunity to participate in networking activities like MBA Connect and MBA Meetup. Here, they meet students from previous cohorts and other Master’s programs like the MBA Talent program – these are mid-level managers with years of work experience and impressive knowledge.

Bạn học là nguồn tài liệu tuyệt vời trong khóa học MBA
With PSO MBA, students are connected with their cohort, alumni, and even other Master’s students from Western Sydney University.


An MBA course isn’t solely about imparting technical knowledge, as many misconceive. In fact, an MBA opens up profound lessons and lifelong experiences for learners. If the students truly know how to leverage the MBA course, the two-year “battlefield” will become a valuable moment, a shining point on their learning journey and career path.