Hold onto Passion Amid Challenges: Lessons for MBA Students

In the MBA For Success talk show themed “Secrets to Sustainable Career Development in Banking,” organized by the ISB Institute, Mr. Quang Huynh, Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Bank Vietnam, conveyed a message to young people about the necessity of striving to pursue their passion regardless of external circumstances.

Reflecting on his career path, with over 16 years dedicated to HSBC Bank, he became the first Vietnamese personnel to transition job positions abroad and held high-level leadership roles such as Senior Director for Asia-Pacific at HSBC Singapore and Deputy General Director overseeing Financial Operations at HSBC Indonesia.

Mr. Quang Huynh sought new challenges at Maritime Bank (MSB), assuming roles as General Director and Vice Chairman of the Board before joining Deutsche Bank Vietnam where he continues to work.

ThS. Huỳnh Bửu Quang

Affirming talent across roles in organizations with diverse cultures and work styles, Quang emphasized the importance of maintaining an “open-minded” mindset.

He views every environment as having its unique existence and challenges, but he always perceives overcoming obstacles and adapting to adversity as a passion.

As the CEO of Deutsche Bank Vietnam, he shared, “After working for 20 years in a foreign bank and returning to work extensively in Vietnam, many people were surprised about whether I could handle it. Moreover, being from Saigon and moving to Hanoi to work. But at that time, I had the dream of contributing to building a professional organization in Vietnam, so I was ready to participate.”

Huynh Buu Quang revealed that in a leadership position within a multinational corporation, whether as a deputy or general director in a country, the strategy aligns with the conglomerate, which always has a support system behind it.

Returning to the domestic banking sector, everything seemed to be placed on the shoulders of those leaders responsible for the final operational aspect. The diverse nature of the job resembled a condensed version of Vietnamese society.

Therefore, according to Quang, the secret to quick adaptation lies in exploring and learning. Additionally, maintaining an adaptable attitude wherever you are, be it in-country or internationally, will offer many intriguing novelties to discover.

The core essence lies in whether you are ready to take the plunge or not. “Now, in a leadership position, when I see young people like that, I often feel very appreciative,” Quang said.


The information in the article is shared by the guest speaker, Mr. Quang Huynh, Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Bank Vietnam, in the MBA For Success event themed “Secrets to Sustainable Career Development in Banking.”

MBA For Success is an online event series with the participation of high-level leaders from renowned companies, led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Ha Minh Quan, ISB Institute Director, providing an overview and practical insights into the learning experiences and work expertise for young individuals.