MD – Doctor Nguyen Thanh Danh: ‘MBA classes are like a company’

“MBA classes are like a company” is quite an interesting perspective shared by MD – Doctor Nguyen Thanh Danh – General Director of Besins Healthcare Vietnam – regarding the MBA program after studying at Maastricht University (the Netherlands).

Nguyen Thanh Danh graduated as a Doctor from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City in 1993 and completed an MBA specializing in Business Strategies at Maastricht University in the Netherlands in 2008. Before holding the position of General Director at Besins Healthcare Vietnam, Danh held senior leadership positions at AstraZeneca (UK), Bayer Pharma (Germany), Sanofi (France), and Pfizer (USA). He has also served as an advisor for numerous specialized programs and digital transformation projects in healthcare.
MD – Doctor Nguyen Thanh Danh has also been a guest speaker in the online seminar series “MBA For Success” organized by the ISB Institute. He believes that in MBA classes, students come from diverse backgrounds and various disciplines, yet they study together, solving assignments and projects collectively over an extended period.
Therefore, one could perceive that an MBA class is no different from a miniature company. In this environment, classmates are not unlike colleagues; they form close bonds, sometimes allocating more time to study than to work.
Danh asserts that in this MBA class, one learns a great deal of knowledge and experience from both peers and professors, who are experts in various fields. Furthermore, one can hone their internal communication skills within these study groups. After graduation, these relationships significantly support each other in both individual careers and personal lives. This aspect adds value akin to the benefits of an MBA degree.
“MBA classes are like a company” – shared MD – Doctor Nguyen Thanh Danh.


According to him, the core essence for individuals on their career path is the necessity to self-educate, to enrich their knowledge and skills lacking when assuming a new role. Just as he had to delve deeper into books, and courses related to business, finance, management, etc., during his MBA studies.
“It’s a requirement and a challenge for workers, not only in the healthcare or business sectors. They are demanded to have the ability to self-learn, to continually enhance their capabilities. Even companies themselves often have internal learning programs for employees,” stated MD – Doctor Nguyen Thanh Danh.
“Every time I ascend to a higher position, I find myself in a new horizon with vast, uncharted knowledge. Thus, there’s no other way but to continuously learn to compensate for these gaps.”

MBA For Success is an online event series hosted by Assoc. Prof. Tran Ha Minh Quan – Dean of ISB – aiming to provide an overview and share practical insights into the learning experiences and work expertise of entrepreneurs and high-level executives from multinational corporations and large conglomerates both domestically and internationally.