MBA Talk #60: Information System trends in retail management – benefits and challenges

The pros and cons of information system trends in retail management will be discussed at MBA Talk #60.


The power of information systems in retail management is undeniable. To present a proper understanding of information management, the International School of Business (ISB) and Western Sydney University will host the seminar named “Information System Trends in retail management: Benefits and Challenges”.

Dr Ngo Cong Khanh – ISB Senior Lecturer – will be the host of this sharing session, with the participation of two experienced experts from the retail industry:

  • Mr Dinh Cong Chinh – CIO, ACFC
  • Ms Dinh Mong Kha – CEO, VietGuys – Mobile Marketing Solutions

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Time: 13:30, Sunday, 27/08/2023


  • PSO MBA students could participate at ISB – 196 Tran Quang Khai, Tan Dinh ward, District 1, HCMC
  • Audiences interested in the information system of the retail sector can participate online through the QUICKOM platform. Register now!

Language: English


At the seminar, attendees and the speakers will discuss vital aspects of information management in the AI and digital era:

  • Omnichannel shopping
  • VR/AR and Metaverse
  • Retail video analytics and predictive analytics
  • Personalise recommendation and customer support chatbots
  • Contactless payment

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Guest speakers

PSO MBA Talk Dr Ngo Cong Khanh

Dr Ngo Cong Khanh

ISB Senior Lecturer

PSO MBA Talk Mr Dinh Cong Chinh

Mr Dinh Cong Chinh


PSO MBA Talk Ms Dinh Mong Kha

Ms Dinh Mong Kha

CEO, VietGuys – Mobile Marketing Solutions