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2 years


How valuable is a degree from Western Sydney University?

A degree from Western Sydney University holds global value. It signifies the completion of an internationally recognized MBA program, acknowledged worldwide!

Students are required to fulfill all course requirements, attend at least 80% of the course’s class time, and achieve a minimum of 50% in the course’s grading to complete it successfully. If these criteria aren’t met, students need to pay the course fee again and retake the course in subsequent semesters when there’s a suitable class schedule available (The school does not offer a reexamination process).

The fees for retaking courses are calculated based on the course rates at the time of retaking.


The student application review process will be conducted by the school within 5 to 10 working days. If successful, applicants will receive an Offer Letter. The Admissions Department will contact each applicant to provide information and conditions outlined in the Offer Letter.

The MBA community includes current and alumni students at the ISB Institute from all MBA programs (WSU, ISB, UQÀM, Massey).

Additionally, the community includes professors and experts from various fields: Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing who participate in teaching at ISB. They accompany and provide advice to students, ensuring their optimal development not only during the two-year MBA program but also throughout their future careers.

The ISB alumni network currently comprises over 2000 individuals.

Students can register for more courses if the class schedules for those courses do not overlap or fewer courses compared to the school’s schedule. However, the institution does not encourage this practice because the PSO MBA program schedule is designed to balance work and study for candidates.

The English language requirement for the Global MBA program is IELTS Academic 6.5 or equivalent. In case do not meet the English language requirement of the program, students. can participate in. the English for Academic Purposes program.

This program is designed to ensure students have a strong foundation in English, encompassing all four skills, providing a competitive advantage in the job market, and meeting the English language requirements for stage 2.

The course will last for 20 weeks, conducted online via Zoom for 2 to 3 evening sessions per week (Vietnam time). Students will learn from one foreign instructor and one Vietnamese instructor.

Prospective students can contact the program for more information regarding fees and schedules.

In the PSO MBA Global program, some courses will be scheduled for weekends, while others will take place in the evenings during the week. The schedule may vary based on the instructors’ availability, but rest assured, they won’t be slotted into everyone’s working hours!
The program spans over 24 months and comprises four study phases: Foundation, Strategic Management Skills, Business Innovation Management, and Organizational Problem-Solving Skills.
The total tuition fee is 360,000,000 VND, payable monthly according to the installment policy or per phase of the study program. Please contact the school immediately via hotline at (028) 3920 9999 or email for further information!

You can visit and directly contact the Admission Office at 17 Pham Ngoc Thach, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3. Or contact the hotline number (028) 3920 9999 or send information to the email for the quickest support!

Additionally, you can register directly on the website under the “Apply now” section. Once completed, the Admission Department will get in touch with you!