At a Glance


2 years


PSO MBA Global is an international online Master of Business Administration for whom attempts to enhance their working abilities and competence in their global career path development.

The 2-year program is a combination of business knowledge, strategic management, leadership skills and innovative mindset with the instructions of experts in the field.

The prospective leaders will be equipped with rounded skill set and able to solve the complicated problems to lead the organization quickly adapt to the changes in the business.


Why PSO MBA Global: Value of Degree

Value of degree

Awarded by Western Sydney University, Australia – Top 1% in the World, with global recognition

PSO MBA Global: Why Global - Lecturer

Lecturer – Expert

Leading professors from American and Australian universities, AACSB accredited, and great leaders and business managers at TOP MNCs

Why PSO MBA Global: Flexibility


PSO MBA Global with online teaching mode allows you to earn your degree in two years, which is suitable with a busy work schedule

Why PSO MBA Global: Financial Aid Options

Financial Aid Options

PSO MBA Global offers variety of tuition options and scholarships to help you choose a program that fits your budget and career goals


Tech-based Learning

PSO MBA Global programs use advanced tech to combine textbook learning with real-world application

Why PSO MBA Global: Community Network

Community Network

PSO MBA Global programs provide access to materials and instruction from educators and students worldwide, exposing you to diverse knowledge and perspectives